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Club History:

The Syracuse University Rugby Football Club was founded in 1969. The club has enjoyed much success since its humble beginning. Today's hammerheads are competing with clubs and universities across the eastern U.S.A and have even made their mark in nations such as the Bahamas, Argentina, and England while on tour. The club is a registered member of the New York State Rugby Conference and USA Rugby (USAR). The club boasts two USAR certified coaches that have kept the team at the top of the New York State Conference Premier Division. The Fall league season provides 9-12 games, depending on playoffs. The spring tournament season provides 8 games over seven weekends. A flexible, yet serious five-day practice schedule operates at fields on campus and at the Hookway recreation complex. There are winter training opportunities in the gym, weight room, Manley Field House and the Carrier Dome.



1996: Record 1-6 7th place NYS

1997: Record 3-3-1 5th place NYS

1998: Record 7-0 1st place NYS

1999: Record 6-1 1st place NYS

2000: Record 6-1 1st place NYS

2001: Record 5-1 1st place NYS

2002: Record 2-3 4th place NYS

2003: Record 3-2 3rd place NYS

2004: Record 3-3 3rd place NYS

2005: Record 4-2 3rd place NYS

2006: Record 4-2-1 3rd place NYS

2007: Record 4-2 3rd place NYS

2008: Record 6-1 1st place NYS

2009: Record 5-1 1st place NYS

2010: Record 6-1 2nd place NYS

2011: Record 1-7 4th place ERC

2012: Record 5-5 6th place ERC

2013: Record 5-3 4th place ERC

2014: Record 3-3 4th place ERC

2015: Record 5-1 1st place ERC

2016: Record 4-2 2nd place ERC

2017: Record 3-2 3rd place ERC

2018: Record 6-0 1st place ERC

2019: Record 7-0 1st place ERC

2020: Cancelled, Covid

2021: Record 7-0 1st place ERD




We provide the students of Syracuse University and SUNY ESF with a high-quality experience in learning, practicing and playing the game of Rugby Football in a supportive environment. To encourage connections both with students and the university and provide leadership and organizational experiences for the student. The rugby club provides a challenging athletic experience with a flexible schedule. The experience includes skill development, fitness, and competitive matches. There is a place for all backgrounds and sizes with no experience required, no cuts and everybody plays.



Since its inception in 1996, the club has had a vast alumni network. Alumni's are heavily invested in the club and continue to support the club well after they finish graduating. We host an alumni game every year where alumni get the opportunity to re-live the good old days and play the current members in a game of rugby. Thank you to all the alumni for your continued support and look forward to the next alumni game. Check out our alumni site at:


Coach Bob Wilson in 1970

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